Marko Murtić, nationally and internationally acclaimed architect and a passionate sailor. Founder and chief designer of MURTICYACHTS. His dreams became reality – building exclusive high technology sailing yachts with the highest standards of aesthetics and performance – an incredible performance personalized to the owner’s vision. When not building boats and running his architectural practice, Marko finds time to skipper his VO 60. His love for sailing stretches back, practically growing up on his fathers sailboat, all over the Mediterranean.

Massimo Kovačić, graduated naval architecture at the University of Southampton’s Yacht and Power-craft curriculum, specializing in small yachts. His acquaintance with Shaun Carkreek played a great part in Murtic Carkreek collaboration that spawned beautiful yachts under the name of MURTICYACHTS, a company under Massimo’s masterful eye. Massimo has worked with Fulvio de Simoni in Italy and is one of the key members of the new generation of the Croatian naval engineers such as Romano Piculjan, Srdjan Djakovic, Filip Diklan, Denis Marasovic and Marin Majica. Massimo’s previous designs are Vector 950 and Adex 43 for Zadar based shipbuilding companies.


MURTICYACHTS is built on a history of success through the calibration of the world’s best designers, builders, naval and interior architects. It is through this success that drives the Murtic Yacht line and ensures the very best is delivered in each of our hand built achievements. Beneath each Murtic Yacht badge lies the precision of engineered detail and hand cared layering of the finest materials which come to life when sailing in pure luxury.


Tradition defines Lifestyle. Murtic brothers Ranko and Marko started to sail on a wooden sailboat called ‘Drugo Sunce’ (The Other Sun), owned by their father Edo – a Croatian famous painter in love with the sea. After many years of sailing, their story comes to the point where designing, developing and building high tech racing and cruising yachts combined with sailing of numerous regattas on the ‘AAG BigOne’ VOR60 ocean sailing machine defines the lifestyle.

AAG Nautika provides you with a unique opportunity to sail on VO60, one of the most prestigious racing boats in the world. If you feel up to the challenge, you should join one of our attractive programmes, from simple “mileage gathering” to the advanced sailing course or custom-designed team building and corporate programme.


AAG Nautika requires dedicated and trained staff to ensure a world class service to ours customers. We offer careers in a wide variety of functions that are both challenging and satisfying. Please feel free to send us your CV.