MURTICYACHTS hulls are based on selected SP systems laminating materials combined with foam sandwich to ensure highest structural integrity, where most furniture and fittings double as structure, minimizing redundancy and weight, thus enhancing dynamic responses and making MURTICYACHTS safer.

The new 27X8X5 m oven and lacquer booth combined with Vacuum technology and post lamination process have been made under supervision of SP systems and with the guidance of an experienced team of boat builders, renowned with a global reputation for building the most advanced race and performance sailing yachts.


MURTICYACHTS assembled a quality international building team at their facility in Križ, near Zagreb to ensure the demanding standards are met without compromise. Advanced sailingyachts are produced in our shipyard, a 20.000 m2 proporty, 6.000 m2 of it is covered and includes a new lamination hall of 2.100 m2. With zero tolerance and maximum care for every component’s accuracy MURTICYACHTS BUILDERS shipyard meet demanding modern naval building standards without compromise. All MURTICYACHTS designs use state of the art CFD programs and in VPP’s which help test all aspects of the boat’s performance thoroughly, making sure that it will outperform all sailing yachts of similar displacement.

The shipyard is supported with our on-site interior workshop equipped with CNC machinery and skilled workers that ensure the highest quality standards. MURTICYACHTS in-house interior R&D facilities and newly formed vessel R&D allow for swift response to our clients demands.